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As a cloud leader, Red Level designed Mi-CLOUD to deliver the same speed, reliability, and features that the big companies could offer at a size and price point that made sense for small to medium businesses. Companies looking to step away from the hassle and expense of designing, installing, managing, and troubleshooting their on-premise servers, only to replace them every three years or so as technology evolved, were finally given a viable alternative.

What are the advantages of Mi-CLOUD?

Red Level engineers assess each client’s needs and match services to meet them, with the ability to add or subtract later as needed. While our specialists manage the system, clients retain the same degree of control and security as they would with an on-premise solution. And Mi-CLOUD adapts well to hybrid usage when appropriate; manufacturers and others who need to retain an on-premise presence find that it integrates seamlessly with Mi-CLOUD, delivering the best of both worlds.


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Both public and private cloud adoption have significantly increased over the last year



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"The account management and engineering we've received from Red Level has been top notch. As we've expanded our geographic footprint, we've needed advanced web and cloud based systems integration to help drive our business. Red Level has advised us the entire way and managed a smooth transition."

James Gregor
Vice President
Sullivan Corporation

What are your cloud options?

Public Cloud

  • We host your information in our datacenter, keeping it safe, so you don’t have to spend valuable time thinking about it.
  • It's easy and inexpensive for you, as hardware, application, and bandwidth costs are already covered.
  • Flexible scalability and no wasted resources because you’ll pay for what you use.

Private Cloud

  • Build a private cloud on your site (if you have a datacenter).
  • Have your information nearby at all times.
  • Reap the benefits of an enterprise-grade data center with shared minimal hardware costs, the ability to recover from failure, and the opportunity to adjust the scale depending on your demand.

Hybrid Cloud

  • If customization is the key to success, then a hybrid cloud is just that.
  • We can develop a hybrid environment base on your preference or requirements.
  • Place certain information in a public cloud and other data in your private cloud.

Mi-CLOUD subscription benefits

  • 24x7 proactive system monitoring, helpdesk, and support
  • Virus protection
  • Secure, remote access
  • Managed firewall and servers
  • Managed security alerts
  • Office backup and disaster recovery
  • Fault tolerance (Second standby server)
  • Strategic planning
  • Vendor management
  • Access to your system while working anywhere
  • Hosting for numerous third party business-critical applications

Mi-CLOUD tenants are required to adhere to the Mi-CLOUD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

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