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Six Reasons your business needs office 365

Tired of spending more on IT and still falling behind?

When it comes to making the most of new business technology, big companies have all the advantages – or so it often seems. Deep pockets, staff with highly specialized skills, and the strength to withstand the occasional misstep enable large businesses to be comparatively fearless in implementing new technologies and tools.

An unexpected outcome that might be a blip on a big company's quarterly report could be a death knell for a smaller, less resilient companies. That's why it's tempting for smaller companies to stick with the status quo for as long as possible. 

The team of business consultants and technologiests at Red Level have put together this quick to read, 4 page, jargon-free report outlining six competetive advantages Office 365 offers small and midsize businesses.

It's free to download and share. Just enter your name and email to get started. Or better yet, call 248-412-8200 and talk to Red Level's Shanon Berry about how to get Office 365 working for your business.


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Here's a quick video from Shanon Berry on how Red Level helps customers enable their mobile workforce with Office 365

Why We're Different

We understand technology challenges are really business challenges.

2It isn't enough for technology to be new - it has to be game changing in order to make business sense.


3Red Level has the vision, specialized expertise, and strategic ability available to create business and technology systems that work - and that deliver exactly the results you require

Cloud Facts & Stats

Cloud_as_Platform_Infographic_Inset.jpgDid you know 92% of small and medium sized businesses are already using at least one cloud business solution? Or that 64% of CIOs think the cloud frees up IT resources to work on more strategic things? Or that the cloud helps businesses meet rising demands without having to constantly invest in new IT equipment and support?

Download the latest Cloud as a Platform infographic from Red Level packed interesting takeaways and the handy cloud jargon translator.

" We were tired of the constant battle to keep our various systems and licenses up to date. We wanted to have the latest features, integrated capabilities, and secure data. "
Jeff Heyde, Dana Holding Corporation

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